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Appaloosa Soft Sculpture with Feathers


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A perfect solution for your “I’m a horse-lover-but-I-have-no-room-for-one” dilemma: This handsome, colorful and well-behaved Appaloosa, who asks only for a bit of wall to join your household!

Noted in the past for his vibrant clay wall masks, the artist has recently explored multimedia soft sculptures, with brilliant results, as you can see.

This piece is entitled “Forever Horse Love”, and celebrates the historic affinity of Native tribes for their iconic means of transportation.

Beautifully painted canvas forms his well-filled body, with buckskin, real horsehair and nickel “conchos”, tin jingles, and natural feathers.

His saddle blanket – complete with cinch! – is painted with a lively design incorporating dots, crosses, hearts, and a lovely palette of cool colors that pick up the hues of the horse itself.

Dots and parallel lines symbolize drops of water and rainfall, both super good luck in the dry high desert.

The crosses signify prayers that this blessing extends to all four corners of the earth.

Vivid orange hearts accent the cool color scheme, and represent, along with the blue hearts elsewhere on the horse’s body,… love, of course.

Two conchos of real nickels refer to buffalo hunts, for which the horse was essential, and underline the connection to Native life.

Buckskin mane, with a spray of natural feathers on the head, and a natural horsehair tail with jingles attached, add to the festive profusion of materials, colors and textures.

The medicine bundle across his back is tied with bright orange, red and blue thread, and ends in a collection of long, natural turkey feathers.

Feathers represent prayers, in this case, in gratitude for the presence of horses, and with the hope they may be protected everywhere, and forever.

In the end, what counts is the decorative, ornamental charm of this horse, of course, and the good luck it represents.

A most uncommon and delightful work of art to embellish your wall, by an unusually creative artist.

He is all ready to hang and admire.

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Acrylic Paint, Buckskin, Canvas, Natural Feathers, Natural Horse Hair, Thread, Tin Jingles, waxed cord


24" L x 18 3/4" H