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Antler Skeleton Carving


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What do you get when you combine carving skill, artistry and a noir-ish imagination? A superb antler carving by Esteban Najera! Just in time for Halloween and Day of the Dead, here is a finely detailed skeleton, carved from one piece of natural antler, the artist’s favored medium.From the nicely shaped, smooth skull to the bony feet, this skeleton is exceptionally carved. The mouth is open, and both rows of teeth are intact. From neck to “tail”, the spine is clearly articulated. Remarkably, each rib has been carved out, both front and back. Arms bent at the elbows, and hands over the abdomen, he seems to be crouching, since the legs are bent at the knees, which are seen in front. Notice how one bony foot is placed over the other; a nice touch that echoes the lines of the ribs.Along with a proportionally large head, turned to one side, and very large feet, an un-anatomical number of ribs seem to suggest an alien skeleton. But maybe not; maybe he was just a special specimen. This is definitely a very special carving that will intrigue, amuse and gratify you, and all who admire it.

Natural Antler

Width: 1 1/4″ Height: 4 1/8″ Depth: 3/4″