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Antler Maiden Pin


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Troy is an acknowledged master of antler fetishes, and this lovely little maiden is a collector’s jewel because she is a wearable carving – totally out of the ordinary.

Naturally shed elk antler has been meticulously carved and polished, a sleek background for the pretty inlay of multi-colored stones.

Wonderful details are seen in her hair, her hands and blanket, the wrapped moccasins, and, of course, the inlaid elements.

She appears demure and shy; standing still, with her gaze downcast.

And, let’s not ignore her wonderful hairdo. Meticulously chiseled, her hair is arranged in the classic Zuni and Hopi maiden’s style, with plump coils at each side of the head and thick bangs.

Hands are clasped in front, completing the prim, maidenly pose. There is nothing shy about her beautiful adornment, though!

An assortment of colored stones decorates her neck, dress and blanket.

She sports a delicate necklace of natural red coral and sugilite “beads”, with a heavenly pink coral pendant, also natural.

Another dot of red coral indicates her mouth.

The hem of her dress is outlined with darkened and carved stripes, and inlaid sugilite dots.

A delicately incised dragonfly decorates the front of her dress, joining the parallel lines, on her blanket and hem, to indicate water symbols.

A tiny piece of vivid blue turquoise “buttons” her wrapped moccasins.

Everything about this exquisite carving is handmade with natural materials, and made with the perfect skill and artistry that is expected from this acclaimed artist.

What is unexpected, is that this maiden is a pin, ready to decorate your lapel, hat, bag, or whatever!

Truly, a little gem worthy of the artist’s outstanding reputation – and your collection.




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Natural Elk Antler, Natural Red and Pink Coral, Purple Sugilite, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise


2" L x 3/4" W