Antler Frog Offering Bowl


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An unusual offering bowl, created with this artist’s usual skill, artistry, and whimsy. It is carved from a solid piece of natural antler. This wonderful frog is offering his hollowed-out shell as a receptacle.

Adorably naturalistic, from big eyes to fat paws, he is gorgeously adorned, unlike most frogs, with natural red coral and turquoise. His froggy eyes glisten with beautiful, iridescent abalone shell, centered with dark pen shell pupils.

What is he willing to hold? Traditionally, cornmeal, as an offering to ensure a plentiful harvest. You can do that, to help prosperity, fertility, and abundance into your life.

Maybe, use him to guard your rings, stamps, paper clips; whatever you like.

Or, just let him charm you with his soulful, friendly expression, and rub his beautifully polished, concave tummy to destress.

This is a delightful, unusual piece by this prize-winning master of antler carving, and a fine start, or addition to, a collection.

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2 1/2"


Coral, Abalone Shell, Natural Elk Antler, Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Pen Shell