Antler Elk Carving

Derrick Kamassee


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*CORRECTION* This piece was previously attributed, incorrectly, to Pernell Laate

This carver, a protege of Pernell Laate, carves in great detail in all of his work.

Derrick is known for carving every type of animal, from various birds to reptiles, mammals, and even the occasional dinosaur!

He enjoys distinguishing the various textures and shapes, as seen in this beautiful representation of an Elk: antlers, shaggy pelt, rock, etc. and has mastered the technique.

Elk, like deer, etc., are hunting, or prey, animals and the fetishes help hunters to find and catch them so the Zuni will have lots to eat.

In the past, before Pernell and his brother Max began to carve antlers with their own tools, elk and their ilk were infrequently carved, since the fragile antlers and legs tended to break. Derrick has carried this delicate and detailed form of carving forward to today.

This intricately carved Elk demonstrates all the charming and skillful characteristics of Derrick’s pieces, and, whether displayed in a prominent place on your mantel or amongst other fetish carvings in your collection, will always stand out!



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