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Antiqued Repousse Dangles with Turquoise


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Stan is an award-winning jeweler, who transitioned from soldering circuit boards, to soldering silver.

He creates beautifully designed and executed, old-style jewelry.

These handsome earrings showcase his masterful skill and design sense, and the fine, natural stones he chooses.

Antique-finished sterling silver is punched out into a softly gleaming cascade of ovals and pillowed shield shapes.

Tiny circles, also punched out, punctuate the bottom and each side.

Complementing these, a row of equally tiny, silver beads decorate either side of the natural turquoise tops.

The vibrant blue of the turquoise is veiled in a lacy web of dark matrix, making both silver and stone subtly glowing.

Great everyday earrings, these will also happily go dancing, to the movies, or wherever you take them, swaying prettily as you move.

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Natural Hubei Turquoise, Sterling Silver


1 1/2" L x 3/8" W