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Antiqued Lapis Earrings


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Stan is an award-winning jeweler, who transitioned from soldering circuit boards, to soldering beautifully designed and executed, old-style jewelry.

These pretty earrings showcase his masterful technique, and the fine, natural stones he chooses.

Antique-finished sterling silver is chiseled, punched out, and stamped in a charming design that recalls Victorian delicacy.

Oval natural lapis determines the shape of the earrings; the silver takes a support role to the stones, but the repousse dangles at the bottom echo the oval forms.

The beautiful blue of the lapis is studded with infinitesimal, tiny dots of matrix. They give the stones a beautiful depth and liveliness.

Lovely design, masterful technique, and beautiful, natural stones, all work together to create these dainty, delicious dangles!






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Natural Lapis, Sterling Silver


1 1/2" L X** 1/2" W