Antique-Look Cuff with Turquoise



A contemporary jewelry artist of Choctaw, Shawnee and Santo Domingo heritage, he interprets traditions in a distinctive style.

Aaron has won numerous awards for cutting-edge jewelry and has developed a loyal following for his strong, unique, contemporary work.

This impressive bracelet is a good example of the creatively edgy design, fine workmanship and wearable comfort he brings to his pieces.

At first glance, this piece resembles a medieval castle, with turreted battlements, and ancient stone walls.

The silver has been textured and darkened, emphasizing the powerful, antique aspect of the piece.

A large, brilliantly blue, natural turquoise is suspended from the cuff, like a colorful banner, waving from the castle.

Look more closely, and those “turrets” are actually stepped rain symbols.

Dark, but burnished, lines represent flowing water, and silhouetted against the open-work areas are curled wavelets, on one side.

Stamped and cut-out circles, on the other side, represent drops of falling water.

So, despite the crusader’s castle look, and the ruggedly unique design and finish, the theme of the bracelet is water and rain.

Nothing is more traditional, or luckier, in the high desert!

The smoothly polished interior feels comfy on the arm and is stamped with a pattern of diamond shapes, triangles, and circles.

This bracelet shines with creativity and refined workmanship, despite its craggy look.

It is a handsomely sophisticated update on traditional symbolism – with a glorious, natural turquoise, as well.

NB: the shape of the cuff is round, so if your wrist is flat on top, it will feel larger than its actual size, when worn.

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