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Angel Skin Coral Bracelet


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“Angel skin” is an appropriate name for this ethereal hue of coral. Delicate in hue as an angel’s skin might be, it is also the heavenly color of white clouds reflecting the setting sun. This precious material is beautifully honored by the gifted hands of this Master jeweler, painter, carver, teacher, tribal leader, and more.

Roger is highly reputed; he is known to work only with exceptional stones, and to set them in the simplest of noble metal settings, to show them at their greatest advantage. Each piece of natural, high grade coral has been cut and polished by hand. Curved, to maximize the reflective gleam, the substantial pieces of dreamy pink coral have been set in an array of darker and lighter tones. Vertical in front, and horizontal at the sides, the coral pieces are set to resemble the pre-historic brickwork of ancient ruins. There are several slivers of glittering sterling between some of the coral pieces, as well as luminous, white mother of pearl inlaid at the sides. These add accents that are similar, but different to the celestial coral.

Coral comes from the sea, not dug out of mines, but is just as precious and coveted – perhaps even more so – than many semi-precious stones. Unlike gold and gemstones, however, coral fits very comfortably into everyday life, so it amortizes quickly. This very wearable bracelet of angelic-pink coral is not only precious, it is outstandingly beautiful – and will be treasured for generations.

For a gorgeous ensemble of understated luxury, wearable every day, however, pair this breathtaking bracelet with the equally sensational pink coral pendant by this great jeweler.

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Angel Skin Coral, Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 1/2"

Gap Size

1 1/8"

Wrist Size

6 5/8"


1" wide