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Ammonite & Coral Petroglyph Pendant


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The artist’s effective contrast of polished silver designs applied onto a textured and darkened background, displays a wealth of good luck signs. The ancient petroglyph symbols include: spirals of rivers and of life, the hand of blessing, dragonflies, raindrops, a bear, and a turtle; all good things covering night and day, all living things, all over the world. The rich red of the natural coral adds a spark of color, while the earthy ammolites at the bottom suggest the underworld.In the Navajo way, there is beauty everywhere, even hidden on the reverse, where the casual observer wouldn’t see it! The fully elaborated design combines watery symbols – more little dragonflies and spirals – with a beaming Sunface, to provide balance. Wear it on this side, too.


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Natural Ammonites, Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver


3 1/2" long x 1 3/4" wide