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Ammolite Rabbit Fetish


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Abby belongs to two of the most honored fetish carving families in Zuni.

She keeps to the old, abstract style of carving, where a found stone resembles a particular animal, without needing a lot of detail.

This bunny represents a wonderful use of a very special stone, an ammolite; the fossilized form of a prehistoric sea creature, the ammonite.

Ammolites are notable for the opal-like sparks of fiery color that appear within them, as seen in the glittering red sparkles, here.

Abby has cleverly used the natural form of the fossilized stone to create a rabbit fetish, which is used by hunters.

Seen as if huddled under a bush, this bunny is crouching as small as it can be, hoping not to be noticed by any hunter, man or beast.

The natural stone is polished, and gives off brilliant bits of color, in the light.

Inlaid turquoise eyes mark this as a southwestern rabbit, and the bright blue is a lovely contrast to the sandy hues of the stone.

A terrific example of the artistic process: an artist looks at a stone and sees what it suggests, then creates it.

For rabbit collectors, fetish collectors, and lovers of fascinating stones.

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Natural Ammolite, Turquoise


1 " H x 1 1/2" W x 1/4" Deep