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Amethyst and Rosarita Ring


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An elegant show-stopper, this ring is a particularly gorgeous version of the internationally famed artist’s spectacular work.

Perfect proportions, the finest materials, impeccable workmanship – no wonder his name is synonymous with brilliance, creativity and quality.

The flame-red stone is rosarita, a rare material that is a byproduct of gold mining. Like obsidian, it is formed by extreme heat that is naturally caused.

Icy-smooth sterling silver damps the fire of the rosarita, while the center reveals the purple depths of a remarkably large and opulent, natural amethyst.

A regal and beautiful relative of quartz, this gem-quality amethyst seems almost opaque, the color is so rich.

However, the crystalline quality of this premium amethyst is noticeable, and there are even scintillating pink/red sparks toward the edge, on one side.

The intense red of the rosarita is a splendid complement to the purple amethyst, both in hue and in density.

Where the amethyst has varied subtle swirls, the rosarita is perfectly uniform and solid in color.

Aside from the luxurious stones, the design of the ring is also remarkable.

The silver shank tapers from front to back, and is boxed, to best support the inlaid stones on the front, and to accommodate the flawlessly inlaid rosarita within sparkling edges of silver.

And there is even more to marvel at: the exterior of the ring’s shank is a square, playing off the oval front.

The interior, however, that fits over your finger, is a conventional and comfortable circle.

Imaginative design, and choice of superior stones, combined with excellence in workmanship, results in a ring of incomparable drama and modern allure.

Another magnificent and wearable piece by this acknowledged master of contemporary jewelry.

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Natural Amethyst, Natural Rosarita, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

7 1/4


Face is 1 3/8" L x 1 1/8" W | Shank is 1/2" at front to 1/4" at the back