Amber Hummingbird Necklace

Lena Boone


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Carving fetishes was passed down from her grandfather, the late, legendary, Teddie Weahkee, one of Zuni’s most famous artists, who created historic forms of fetishes.

Lena, and her sister, Dinah Gasper, are both noted fetish artists, famous for maintaining that old, abstract style of fetishes.

This enchanting necklace is composed entirely of translucent, amber hummingbirds, with tiny, blue turquoise eyes.

Minuscule baby olive shell heishi disks separate the delicate birds.

The amber is so ethereal, and the hummingbirds are so dainty, that the necklace seems magical, created from sunlight and destined to blow away with the breeze.

Hummingbirds are honored for their work in propagating plants and crops; they symbolize very good luck.

So, this exquisite necklace is not only lovely, it brings good luck with it. And it is lighter than a feather, to wear.

An earlier work of Lena’s, this necklace is at once, a piece of fetish-carving history, and a thing of beauty that will bring many admiring comments.

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