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Amber-Hued Dangle Earrings


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Unusual in every way, from her Plains background to her childhood in New Zealand, training and current residence in Santa Fe, this artist has a totally individual artistic vision.

These beauties are typical of her delicate style and expert technique.

Her work is dainty, feminine, precise, with beautiful uncommon stones, and a bit of wit

Here, sterling silver supports glowing tawny topaz in the tips, and sparkling, faceted, pastel-hued tourmalines dangling below – all-natural.

The materials are the same, but Shawn’s whimsical artistry makes each earring different, yet totally compatible.

The golden topaz cabochons are almost the same, but one is round, the other, oval.

Similarly, the delicate silver boxes that hold these tops are different, as well.

The round top sits on a lightly brushed silver box that is square, with three tiny silver dots, on top.

The oval topaz sits atop a circular box, with a similarly brushed silver finish, but with three arabesques of chiseled silver wire, at the top.

And this asymmetry continues on down, finishing with the glittering, faceted stones that swing prettily at the bottom.

Both earrings suspend a boxed half-circular form, but a different half hangs from each earring.

On the square top, the silver half-circle is arched at the top and sliced straight at the bottom. Tiny hearts are etched on it.

Only a couple of dainty rings attach it to the top; at the bottom, there is a curlicue of chiseled silver wire at each end.

These are joined by a graceful, curved silver wire that has a tiny oblong loop at the center.

Under the oval stone, the bottom half of the circular box is straight at the top, and rounded at the bottom, with similar tiny hearts.

Moreover, this half-circle hangs from an arch of thread-thin, chiseled silver wire with a tiny silver dot at each side.

A wee silver dot flanks the little circular loop at the bottom center, here.

On each earring, a trio of small faceted stones glitter, as they dangle from the hemispheres above.

These natural stones form a lovely palette of whisper-soft colors: pink, green, and gold.

These offer a gentle contrast to, and are also, compatible with, the warm golden glow of the topaz stones in the tops.

Exquisitely delicate, small in scale, and remarkably lovely, these earrings work delightfully with your most casual, as well as dressy, clothes.

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Natural Topaz, Natural Tourmaline, Sterling Silver


1 1/8" L x 5/8" W