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Amber Eagle Fetish


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Guardian of the Skies, to the Zuni, the eagle is revered by almost every tribe, as well. This wonderful fetish is carved of one piece of amber, and adheres to the tradition of suggesting the fetish animal, rather than carving realistic detail. The form is traditional, but the material is “new”, even though amber is prehistoric; formed from fossilized tree sap. Smoothly rounded in general, the head nevertheless has the predatory sharp beak of the eagle. With amber’s natural variations from translucent pale gold to dense browns, the eagle’s coloring is also suggested. Large enough to admire it is small enough to add to your fetish collection (or, to start one). All hand carved, of course, this eagle will bring you its protective powers in a beautiful package.

Amber, Turquoise

Width: 2 3/8″ Height: 3/4″ Depth: 3/4″