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Amber and Green Glass Bear


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Internationally celebrated, Tony is one of only a few Native glass artists, and one of even fewer who use the hot-blown glass technique exclusively.

He attended prestigious non-Native art schools, and worked with the great glass artist Dale Chihuly, but Tony’s work always refers to his Pueblo roots.

Bears are a favorite subject. They are guardian animals, hunting fetishes, and protector figures.

Their power, intelligence, and survival skills have made them major totems for almost all tribes.

This smaller bear – a cub? – is a handsome, autumnal-hued fellow.

Across his back, is an area of solid, soft mossy green; without a back light, he seems a solid mixture of green and warm brown.

With light behind it, the bear is a beautiful, transparent, dark amber. He glows in a rich, transparent, maple-syrup brown.

Within the glass is a pattern of inky dark strokes that resemble the furry pelt of a bear, visible only when held to the light.

His fluid shape is abstract, but the pointy muzzle and little ears, as well as the gracefully massive bulk are definitely bear-like.

Luminously beautiful, by a recognized master, and very accessible, this little bear will delight your eye and protect your home.

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Hot-Blown Glass


2 1/2" H x 2 3/4" W x 1 1/4" Deep