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Alabaster Wolf


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Still working, way into her 80’s, this daughter of the legendary Deyuse Leekya carries on the traditional style of her father. She learned to carve by helping him out, and is now one of the oldest – if not the oldest – carvers in Zuni.The wolf is one of the protective and healing animals; Guardian of the East. It is also a major hunting fetish, and symbol of communal unity, since they live and hunt in family packs.This wolf is more appealing than fearsome, but nevertheless is an authentic fetish. The pale peach of the alabaster suggests the rising sun in the east, the direction of the wolf’s domain. His head is alert, ready to protect and/or attack, and the dark eyes emphasize his expression. Despite the simplified form, this is recognizably a wolfish animal, and a charming piece of fetish carving history.

Natural Alabaster

Width: 2 3/4″ Height: 7/8″