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Alabaster Wolf


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This sculptor likes to make small pieces that can function as fetishes, but are also finely detailed and realistic sculptures, even though simplified.

A wolf is one of the hunting fetishes, also the Guardian of the East, endowed with protective properties.

Although highly abstracted, the head and tail are characteristic of the animal. As in all his carvings, the head is quite realistic.

The bushy tail, carried down, is another recognizable trait of a wolf fetish.

Of smoothly finished, honed alabaster, the animal needs no further embellishment that the medicine bundle.

Conveying his strength, hunting ability and family loyalty, the natural parrot feather is attached to small beads, wrapped around warm brown sinew.

The beads repeat the bright teal of the feather, and the tawny gold of the stone, for a handsome harmony of color.

Alert and ready to guard your home, this good-looking wolf is serene, caressable, and a wonderful work of art.