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Alabaster Wedding Couple


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Tim is a charter member of the Indigenous Sculptors Society, formed to maintain the highest artistic and ethical standards in that art form. A multiple award-winning artist, he is notable for the precision and artistry of his work, which most often depicts Navajo subjects, as in this beautiful, touching piece. The peach alabaster is confidently handled, with an artful balance of textured and polished areas. The proportions are realistic; the faces and details, lovingly depicted.


The sculpture celebrates a newly married couple, standing together and still holding their traditional wedding basket. Their deeply emotional expressions seem to indicate they are giving thanks for the blessing of their love. Together with his holding her close, and their heads inclined each toward the other, there is an overwhelming sense of profound tenderness in this sculpture.


It displays complete mastery of the medium: it is as if the artist has transformed a block of rigid stone into flesh-and-blood people. The couple is gently naturalistic in their pose, their features and their dress. The alabaster is expertly manipulated in the play of textures, as well as the delicacy of the details. The polished stone on both faces, the necklaces, hands, skirt, headband and wedding basket, contrasts marvelously with the textured blouse and shirt, their hair, and his trousers. A subtle contrast is offered by the sparkly white marble of the base.


Notice the incised design on the wedding basket, the individually cut and polished beads on each necklace, the way his and her hair is differentiated, and the slouchy fit of his trousers. Her hair and her traditional skirt are blowing in a breeze, an accurate representation of the ever-present wind out on the Navajo lands. However, the most compelling feature of the sculpture is the remarkable sensitivity of both expression and carving, in their faces.


Looking at this heartfelt sculpture from any angle, the talent, experience and emotion of the prize-winning artist is obvious. Big enough to command attention, and small enough to display with ease, this is a beautifully affecting work of art, imbued with love for the subject and hand-carved with confident skill. I would make a memorable engagement, wedding, or anniversary gift – even for yourselves.

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Alabaster, Marble


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