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Alabaster Turtle Fetish


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Turtles are favorite fetish animals, because they are water creatures  and conjure up rain, which is the most precious resource on the high desert.

They also provide links to ancestors, in Zuni belief.

This charming turtle is carved from translucent, Italian alabaster, and studded with natural red coral and bright blue, Sleeping Beauty turquoise.

Chassie was a dear, and talented, employee of Wright’s, until she was forced to concentrate on her health.

This winsome turtle is carved in the old way, suggesting the fetish animal, rather than depicting it in realistic detail.

The rounded form, and smooth stone just beg to be caressed; vivid blue and red stones decorate the piece, and add defining color.

A wonderful, traditional carving to enjoy on desktop, shelf, or table.


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1 3/4" H x 2 3/4" L x1 1/2" W


Coral, Italian Alabaster, Turquoise