Alabaster Roadrunner


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Roadrunners are familiar to we who love those cartoons, but in real life they don’t say “beep,beep”.

They are the official bird of New Mexico, and we love to see them skittering across the ground, even in the midst of the city.

This wonderful sculpture captures the close-to-the-ground, ready to run stance of the actual roadrunner, as well as its natural coloration.

Camouflaged in speckled shades of grey and brown, real roadrunners blend right in to their high desert habitat.

This sleek fellow is very realistic, despite his elegantly abstracted, shape.

That alert, forward-thrusting stance, and characteristic long tail and high crest, make this depiction natural, despite the minimal details.

Natural, ruddy brown, Utah alabaster is highly polished, just begging to be caressed.

The base is creamy natural marble, a lot like the sandy soil of the desert.

Charming, beautifully formed and finished, this roadrunner will be happy to grace your home or office, and never run away.

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Natural Marble, Utah Alabaster


5 3/4" L x 2 3/8" H x 1 1/4" W