Alabaster Nativity Set


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Kathy Whitman-Elk Woman comes from the Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara Nation, on the Fort Berthold Reservation in North Dakota along the Missouri River. She is also of Norwegian descent from her mother. A multi-talented artist, she has won first-place awards in four different categories, at Santa Fe Indian Market: sculpture, painting, jewelry, and clothing! She credits her children and grandchildren for her inspiration and relishes their input. From them comes love and happiness. Her art echoes that love.

This nativity is only the second (that we know of!) that Kathy has ever made.  Carved from Italian Ice Alabaster, each figure is incredibly detailed, from the lines on the feathers in their hair to the stitches on the blanket covering the donkey.

The set consists of Mary holding the Baby, Joseph, the three wise men, and a donkey.  Each figure is fastened to its own piece of wood (walnut?), the warm color perfectly contrasting the icy white of the stone. The snowy-pale stone makes this piece very difficult to photograph. Make sure to click on the individual photos of each figure so you can see the incredible detail close up!

A must-have for any serious Nativity collector or collectors of Elk Woman’s amazing work!

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Alabaster, Wood


Donkey: 7 1/4", Joseph: 5 3/4", Mary and Baby: 5 1/2", Wise Man 1: 9 1/2", Wise Man 2: 9", Wise Man 3: 8"


Donkey: 7 1/4", Joseph: 3 5/8", Mary and Baby: 3 1/4", Wise Man 1: 4 1/8", Wise Man 2: 4 5/8", Wise Man 3: 3"


Donkey: 3", Joseph: 4 1/2", Mary and Baby: 4", Wise Man 1: 2 3/4", Wise Man 2: 3 1/2", Wise Man 3: 3 3/8"