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Alabaster Frog Table Fetish


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With a very long list of awards, going back to 1981, Andy Abeita is renowned for his fine carvings. He is part Zuni and part Pueblo.

He often collaborates with his wife, Roberta; Andy carves the pieces, while Roberta adds the final touches using feathers, beads, engraving, etc., as here.

This marvelous sculpture, or table fetish, beautifully conveys the form and amiable spirit of the frog.

Frogs are important fetishes, considered one of the major rain-bringing animals since they live in and around water.

Water is very important in the high desert.

Therefore, frogs are also associated with abundance – and fertility, although that is not its main attribute.

Hand-carved from a single block of natural alabaster, this sleekly finished frog has an appealing smile, bright black eyes, and a subtly incised heart line, pointing to his seat of power.

Attached to his back is an elaborate medicine bundle, meant to convey his powers to the owner of the piece.

Andy’s mother was from the Parrot Clan, so it is natural that real parrot feathers are among the major components of the medicine bundle.

Matching the natural feathers in lovely colors, an ensemble of beads, shell heishi, bits of turquoise, and various other shells form a vibrant band across the carving’s back.

An abstract alabaster arrowhead serves to point the way for the blessings bestowed by the frog.

A wonderful carving that will bring a charming frog, handsome color, a marvelous array of textures, and continuous smiles, to your home.

The good luck and abundance (and fertility!) depend on what you wish for; this sweet frog is ready to assist.

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Glass Beads, Natural Black Jet, Natural Alabaster, Natural Baby Olive Shell | Stabilized Turquoise, Natural Parrot Feathers


5 3/4" L (including feathers) x 3 1/8" W (with feathers) X 2 1/2" H (with feathers)