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Alabaster Fish Fetish


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Painter, print-maker, curator, activist for the future of Native art, this prominent artist has also expanded into fetish sculpture.

Carved from one piece of honed alabaster, the wide-mouthed fish is archaic, folk-arty, abstract, streamlined, stylized, and traditional – all at once.

There is a traditional medicine bundle around the neck, with trade beads, clamshell heishi, and turquoise nuggets over a sinew wrapping.

This is a vivid accent to the earth-toned stone.

One side of the fish has just a few touches of the red markings of the stone; the other side is mostly a warm, russet red.

Round eyes punctuate the horizontal lines of the piece, accented with black for emphasis.

Ancient artifact, or a very contemporary sculpture?  Whatever, this is a very cool piece by a major, cutting-edge artist.

And if you are a bass fisherman……this fetish/sculpture is for you!

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Artificial Sinew, Beads, Natural Alabaster, Turquoise


8 3/4" L x 2 5/8" H x 1 3/4" deep