Alabaster Eagle Sculpture


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Endowed with  a multiplicity of talent, this highly reputed musician, jeweler, and glass artist, is first, and foremost, an award-winning sculptor, although his other artistic work has also won prizes

This powerful sculpture is the head of an eagle, the Ruler of the Skies, conveyor of prayers and hopes to the heavens, and protector of those below, in Native belief.  It is as beautiful as it is imposing.

Seen in profile, the eagle has a delicately carved-out, open beak, and the predatory look that conveys authority and ferocity.

This piece incorporates the power and majesty of this revered raptor; it is also striking in the dramatic contrast of its black and white materials.

Luminous, white, Arizona Iced alabaster has some ephemeral grey shadings, very like a bald eagle’s white head drifting into a darker body.

The dark stone base is a striking contrast to the white, translucent alabaster.

Black sandstone is not a material that is commonly encountered; sandstone is usually sandy or tan in hue.

Here, the artist has left the outer edges of the stone roughly chiseled, while polishing the top surface smoothly.

The dark stone seems to have deepest green flecks in it, suggestive of the forested peaks that eagles prefer.

Dark and light stones, one dense and one delicate, create an imposing contrast that underscores the sculpture’s commanding energy.

The beautiful alabaster softens the eagle’s realistic severity and fierce alertness, allowing the bird’s majestic strength to prevail.

Deeply carved lines follow the arc of the eagle’s head, providing the sense of forward motion, and energy.

One edge of the alabaster is raised above the base, while the other side is firmly connected.

This irregular curve echoes the lovely lines of the carved feathers, and the shape of the piece.

It adds even more to the sense of authority, intensity, and grace that this sculpture shares with the actual, magnificent bird.

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