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Alabaster Cow with Red Feathers


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Have you ever seen a pink cow? This one is finely detailed, very evocative of the subject, and well-sized for display in many settings – a real find! Look at the amazing realism of her head (despite the turquoise blue eyes!). Harold’s knowledge of his subject is perfectly expressed by his skill.

The Navajo are herdsmen, so fetish carvings of sheep, horses, cows, and other livestock, are welcome, to ensure the safety of their herds.

Although he does wonderful larger sculptures, this artist’s miniature sculptures are avidly collected: fabulous renditions of sheep, horses, quail, etc., all with the same sculptural detail and wonderful finish shown in this charming piece.

Shy and docile, this adorable, smiling cow makes the ideal pet: obedient, well-behaved, and quiet, she is the ultimate in low maintenance. Her turquoise eyes match the beadwork that holds the natural parrot and guinea fowl feathers.

Her caressable, smooth body is highly polished New Mexico alabaster, contrasting with the sandstone base.

She is pink with anticipation of a new home soon; don’t let her down!


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Beads, Natural Alabaster, Natural Feathers, Sinew


5" high x 4 1/2" wide x 1 3/4" deep