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Alabaster Buffalo


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Minimal in detail, and yet realistic, this fetish sculpture is quite imposing. The handsome form, carved into natural banded alabaster conveys the power and strength of this iconic animal.

It is contemporary, despite the traditional jet and turquoise heart line. This indicated the source of the buffalo’s power and strength.

Despite its simplified form, the essence of this monument of the Great Plains is clearly defined.

The burly, lumbering form, massive head and powerful torso, are all there, for instance. Even the prized shaggy pelt is suggested by a stippled texture.

The buffalo was honored by Plains tribes for their life-saving contributions: the pelt for warmth, shelter, and clothing; highly welcome meat – which was otherwise limited to small game and fowl – bones for adornment and weapons, and more.

No bit of the fallen buffalo was wasted, and the prowess involved in bringing one down was highly honored.

With those bright turquoise eyes, elegant form, and aura of brawny strength, this buffalo will be a notable addition to your sculpture collection, your fetish collection, or your buffalo collection – or a wonderful start of one.

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Banded Alabaster, Jet, Turquoise


4" h x 6" l x 1 3/4" deep