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Agate Mountain Lion Fetish


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The Cheama family is among the most highly respected, prize-winning carvers in Zuni Pueblo, and Lance is one of the best of the family.

Lance was taught by his half-brother, the celebrated Dan Quam, and follows the contemporary, more realistic style of carving.

This appealing mountain lion is tawny yellow, the traditional color for this Protective and Guardian Animal of the North in the Zuni culture.

His turquoise eyes make a handsome contrast to the soft gold of the lace agate stone.

This agate is ethereally translucent, which gives the mountain lion a spectral, spirit-like aspect.

His head is realistically shaped, with the muzzle and ears that are characteristic of the animal.

There is some texturing around his neck, and the claws are indicated, but this carving is less detailed than many of Lance’s, probably to showcase the beautiful stone.

Bring this delicately unearthly fetish to protect your home, and delight in his looks, as well.

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Inlaid Natural Turquoise, Natural Agate


2 3/8" L x 1/2" W x 3/4" H