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Agate Dome Ring


High-set grey agate dome in wide sterling shank with texture and curved chiseled lines in it.

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This low-key jeweler prefers to let his work speak for itself. He is consistently creative, and – happily for us all – believes in keeping his prices accessible to all. This handsome ring demonstrates his expertise and design sense.

Scrupulously precise silver work shapes the wide shank, which is textured with tiny dots, and chiseled on each side of the stone, in curved lines that cross over each other. The stone is an uncommon show-stopper: a polished dome of marbled grey agate, set majestically high above the shank. Since the elegant stone is set so high, you probably want to be very careful not to knock it around, when wearing this ring. The setting is ultra-dramatic, the stone is ultra-unusual in a ring, and the effect is ultra-fabulous.

This unusual, quietly dramatic, conservatively elegant ring is understated, but makes a sophisticated statement. Informal enough for daily wear; uncommon enough for special occasions.





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Natural Agate, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

9 3/4


3/4" high Shank, Stone is 5/8" diameter x 1/2" deep