“Abundance, Survival, Constancy in Life”



This piece was buried in our archives for several decades.

Well-known for her watercolors of Native themes, this Pima artist also gained fame for her beaded sneakers, sold to celebrities – one of the first artists to work in this genre.

Her art was in collections all over the country, including the White House. Unfortunately, the artist died in an automobile accident, many years ago, so there will be no more of her work.

A watercolor of an abstract landscape, this lovely painting features the most precious resource in the southwestern desert – water.

The whole mood is delicate and gentle; the colors make us think of dawn, or a lingering dusk.

There is some fine detail, as in the bare tree branches, which is a counterpoint to the misty, amorphous swirls.

Evocative and elegeic in mood, this is a lovely piece.


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18" W x 14 1/4" H