Abundance Buckle

Joseph Coriz



This fine jeweler is an acknowledged master of overlay and applique techniques.

This marvelous buckle is a celebration of blessings that lead to abundance, good health, and happiness.

The theme and its symbols are favorites of this kindly, spiritual man, but the design is a delightful new vision of it.

A strictly linear rectangle contains a series of circular vignettes, each containing an appliqued symbol of good luck.

Meticulously chiseled double lines form a frame, containing the round scenes within the buckle.

Strongly stamped little circles dot the spaces between the medallions, signifying raindrops; additional good luck.

On the left, top and bottom show water symbols: waves and lightning above; waves and rain showers, below.

Water is the source of all life, and a real blessing in the high desert.

Next, to the right, a basket of ears of corn is front and center, with jagged cliffs and rocks, in the distance and tiny gold suns, at the sides.

This signifies abundance, good health and happiness.

A good harvest is the result of enough water, rainfall, and sunshine – in balance.

Below the corn ears, a graceful spiral fills the circular frame.

This is variously called the river of life or the path of life. Water is necessary for life, and this symbol emphasizes the blessings of nature.

Moving again to the right, there is a scene of a Pueblo village at night, slumbering under the stars and a gold full moon. The inhabitants receive the blessings of water and crops.

Below the village, more bountiful blessings: a ram, fish, gold raindrops, and a bear.

The ram and fish symbolize animals who sacrifice themselves to feed mankind; the bear lends his strength and hunting skills to humans, to ensure they are successful in the hunt.

Lastly, at the far right, robust cornstalks stand beneath the gold sun, referring to the blessing of an abundant harvest (which results in good health, happiness, and prosperity).

Underneath the field of corn, two hands float over a bowl with a gold sun and two stars (raindrops?) at the sides. These are the hands of blessing and protection, the source of all the good luck.

The theme and symbolism are emotionally affecting; the depiction of these is not only impeccably done, but exceptionally pleasing to the eye.

The arrangement of circles within a rectangle is both symmetrical and varied. Each separate vignette is a little picture in itself, and beautifully integrated into the whole composition.

This buckle is a work of art that you can enjoy by wearing, and observing in a stand on a tabletop, when not worn.

Joseph Coriz is in a league of his own.



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