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Abundance Bracelet with Carico Lake Turquoise


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Another of this artist’s incredible double bracelets, with wonderful appliqué designs and a magnificent natural turquoise. Unlike the straight -across forms of bracelets, this one has graceful half-circles cut out in the center, the better to show off the beautifully proportioned, splendid Carico Lake turquoise.

The long, narrow natural stone sits atop the silver cuff, enclosed in a sturdy bezel of hand cut silver. It is a lovely, soft turquoise hue, with an all-over, lacy pattern of matrix. Appropriate to the theme of abundance and happiness, it resembles flowing water – the source of life and crops. A 14-karat gold moon and delicate silver stars flank the stone, against a darkened background.

On one side of the bracelet, a Pueblo woman carries a basket with ears of corn, with a tiny gold sun behind it. Fish, a bird, a mountain ram, a bear, a turtle and waves of water at the bottom, complete this vignette with more tiny gold circles. Notice her well-defined bun, and the detail in the ram’s horn and the turtle’s shell. Below her, two cornstalks stand on the left, with little gold suns and waves of water below them.. A night scene is on the right, complete with Pueblo houses, a gold full moon, and many silver stars.

The other side of the bracelet is similar, but different: a Pueblo man carries the basket of corn, with the Pueblo night scene to his right. Below, on the left, a bear, a ram and a fish face the right-hand areas of wavy water signs, and the spiral of water. The special aspect of this bracelet is found on the inside, hidden to anyone but the wearer

A cornstalk stands proudly erect in the center, with rain clouds above it, and the spiral of water below, accompanied by little gold suns.  On either side, some of the similar signs are seen, but with different symbols as well: rain clouds and rain, hands of blessing and protection, and a dancer with ceremonial rattle and a zig-zag coming up from the ground, denoting the power of his prayers.

Along with the animals, the corn and cornstalks,suns, moons, and stars, the dominant theme is abundance – enough to eat – and therefore, happiness and good health. Corn is the staff of life, water is the source, and the sun is needed to balance that. A spectacular design illustrating a heartfelt and uplifting message, with a gorgeous turquoise, to boot.

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Sterling Silver I Natural Carico Lake Turquoise


1 5/8" I Center Stone is 1/2" wide x 1 3/4" long

Cuff Size

5 1/2"

Gap Size

1 1/4"

Wrist Size

6 3/4"