Abstract Yei Bolo with Turquoise


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Like the rest of his well-known family of prize-winning jewelers, Michael uses time-tried materials, techniques, and symbols, but transmutes them into modern designs.

Starting from a realistic concept, he abstracts the imagery, turning tradition into contemporary, wearable art.

This fascinating bolo has a powerful presence befitting the subject, a Yei, or Navajo spirit, who carries prayers up to the heavens.

The rectangular eye and the shape of the face define this as a Yei.

His feathered headdress represented by a wavy line of silver, which runs down the side of the face as well,  symbolizing flowing waterways.

An offset piece of natural turquoise (we are unsure of the mine) represents the mouth.

The bolo itself was tufa cast, giving the face of the Yei that wonderful texture that is a perfect contrast to the gleaming, smooth silver of the eye and headdress.

Finished with a handmade bolo cord, and handmade sterling silver tips, this bolo is a beauty, and will bring happiness to whoever has the pleasure of wearing it!

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Bolo Cord Length



3 2/8"



Tip Length