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Abstract Wolf Pin/Pendant


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Her talent is seemingly boundless: this amazing artist won blue ribbons – first prize – in four different categories: sculpture, painting, jewelry and clothing – all at the same time, at the same show, the uber-prestigious Santa Fe Indian Market!

Here is a marvelous, abstract pin/pendant that would be perfect for traveling, since it can be worn different ways.

A recognizable wolf’s head is suggested at the top. Wolves have powerful hunting power, and are venerated for that.

They are also noted for their loyalty to their pack, and to their mates.

The rest of the piece is a striking design of geometric and organic forms, some heavily textured, and some polished.

Look more closely, and you will see that the rest of the wolf’s body is outlined in gleaming silver lines that suggest his/her paws and legs.

A sharply tapered, triangular form at the piece’s right, that is partly textured and partly polished, suggests the bushy tail of the animal.

The pin is evident, on the back, but where to hang this as a pendant?

Loop a chain, or whatever, through the left ear; it is cut-out for this purpose. The pendant will hang asymmetrically, but that is part of the design.

The piece is beautifully balanced in shape and size, as well as textures.

An example of prodigious talent and skill, it will excite interest, admiration and comments, far beyond its cost – so enjoy  it!

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Sterling Silver


2 5/8" L x 2 5/8" W