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Abstract Turquoise Figural Ring


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He is known for pieces that feature his favorite dragonflies and hummingbirds, or creating simple and elegant inlaid turquoise work.

But this younger artist also combines tradition with a striking, modern look. This latest ring beautifully continues that theme.

Tapered from head to toe, the elegant proportions and shape recall an abstract figure, like an ancestral spirit.

Set into the silver backing, the head comprises black jet and a vertical stripe of blue turquoise, both natural.

The body consists of eight triangular pieces of turquoise, set in an animated zig zag pattern.

This suggests the folds of a blanket, or robe, that the figure is clutching in front.

The variations in the natural turquoise stones give the ring a wonderful energy. Every shade, from pale blue to deep green and toasty brown is included.

The silver shank of the ring is embellished with a sturdy, overlaid band, shaped into zigzags and hand stamped with parallel lines that denote rain.

A stylized squash blossom is stamped at each side of the center figural design.

The symbolism suggests that the spirit is bringing rain that encourages plants to grow.

With a dramatic design that will attract second looks, and a symbolic message that is age-old, this ring links the present to the past in a particularly handsome way.

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Jet, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver

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Face Size: 1 3/4"


Face size: 1/2"