Abstract Sterling Silver Ring with Natural Turquoise


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Ronnie Henry’s beautiful work can be recognized by its sleek, modern design, judicious use of interesting stones, and comfortable prices.

This ring is a perfect example: Zig-zagging, lightly adorned silver showcases a rounded cabochon of natural Turquoise.

The lightly-colored natural Turquoise shares with us its darkly webbed matrix, which provides a wonderful contrast.

There is a handsome tension between the sharp-edged, horizontally chiseled lines of the silver in front, and the rounded curves of the natural Turquoise between them.

Similarly, the round composition of the ring is interrupted and contrasted by the zigs and zags in the shape of the shank.

Simple, elegant, and a little edgy, this is a lovely ring that makes a statement and belies its affordable price.


Additional information


Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

12 3/4

Dimensions of Face

3/4" L x 3/8" W