Abstract Silver with Gold Collar


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A strikingly contemporary neck ornament that is featherweight to wear, and looks terrific with turtlenecks or formal dresses. It curls comfortably around the neck, so that the square centerpiece and the round end piece both show. This is wearable sculpture.

Dylan is the youngest (30) of a family famous for their workmanship and innovative designs. He, his mother, sister, and brother-in-law have each and all been recognized with prizes and museum exhibits, all over the USA.

The three-dimensional flower at the upper left corner is centered with gold, and a natural gold nugget is surrounded by the boxed silver circle, at the lower right. In between, a sinuous, three-dimensional serpent forms the central portion of the design, curling around all the other elements.

The form of this piece is ultra-contemporary, but the symbols are totally traditional: fertility, water = plants and crops = health, happiness, prosperity. What a stunning good luck piece, by one of the most creative of younger artists!

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14k Gold, Sterling Silver


Pendant 2"


Pendant 1 5/8"