Abstract Red Coral Link Bracelet

Michael Thompson


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Natural, rich red coral, especially in quantity and of size, is becoming as expensive as mined stones – and even more rare, like these hand-cut pieces which are of the highest, gem, quality.

This jeweler is one of those tremendously talented but not self-promoting artists who abound in the southwest. He has followed Navajo tradition in setting fine stones with a minimum of alteration to their form. Then, he created a sensational original design that is definitely not conventional.

The silverwork is solid, but in the right delicate scale for the irregularly shaped and faceted stones. The link format and toggle closure make it especially easy to wear since that is very forgiving of variations in wrist size. Moreover, without massive silverwork, the piece is not heavy, despite the number and size of the stones.

The asymmetrical pattern of the coral pieces is stunning. The vivid color is like the sunset glow on the red rocks of Navajo country. Dramatic, but dainty; elegant, but adaptable to casual wear or everyday wear, everywhere, this could be your signature bracelet – and your great-great-granddaughter’s, too.

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