Abstract Pendant with Face

Dylan Poblano


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When you buy a piece of Dylan Poblano’s jewelry, you are buying a museum piece.

His work has featured in major museum shows and reference books since he was in his twenties.

Grandfather, Leo Poblano, mother Veronica, and sister Jovanna were/are also acclaimed as innovators, transforming Zuni jewelry from the expected and traditional to modern and contemporary.

Dylan’s work is contemporary, chic, witty, and creative; this pendant is a fabulous example.

Exuberant loops of solid silver wire swoop and swirl at the top, contrasting with the solid and rectangular pendant, itself.

The wire supports the rectangle, continuing seamlessly from the bottom of the pendant to the loopy loops on top.

Applied to the flat base of the rectangle, is a collection of textured, fluted, and stamped designs; a virtuoso display of consummate skill, as well as artistic vision.

Centered among all these raised elements, is a sensitively sculpted human face with beautifully detailed nose, lips, and chin.

Sprouting from the head are two solid silver cylinders, each topped by a similar -but different – textured and flat rounded form.

This suggests the classic Koshare, or Pueblo clown, mask, with two horns that end in dried corn husks.

However, this “Koshare” is also adorned with a large fluted rosette, centered with a tall pointed form that makes this element look like a fancy witch’s hat – or a skinny Hershey’s Kiss on a doily.

To the left of the face, an arc of the same silver wire supports a circle with an applied Z (for Zuni, we guess).

On the right of the face, another, smaller, more naturally proportioned Hershey’s Kiss form sits above an irregular plaque of silver chiseled or stamped with tiny words: “ice cream”.

Each of these tiny, applied elements is separately fabricated and applied, some, over ones that were already applied to the flat base – a commanding example of superior skill.

Finally, dangling from the bottom left corner is a larger silver disk, stamped with the artist’s name and tribe (Dylan Poblano, Made in Zuni).

There is also a four-sided cross form with lines and dots extending in all for directions.

This is the traditional symbol meaning that the power, blessings, beauty, essence, of a piece, is meant to extend to all four corners of the earth.

Not content to leave the back of the pendant bare, the artist has etched his DP initials in the top right corner, above his signature, in script, and added a message: “Stay Sexy & Fabulous!”

Amusing, confounding, witty, exhilarating, and uniquely handsome, this pendant exhibits Dylan’s lighthearted spirit, as well as his profoundly serious talent and skill.

The pendant includes a ring, hidden among the sinuous loops, to hang the pendant.

You may hang beads, heishi, a chain, or whatever you choose, that is too big for that ring, from the two ends of the looped top, also.

This makes the pendant very versatile, and if you add a pin to the back, you have many ways to show off this one-of-a-kind piece.

Dylan’s work is already in museum collections; now you can enjoy one of his celebrated, creative pieces for years before you donate it to a museum in the future.

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