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Abstract Overlay Clip Earrings


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Well-made earrings, stunning in their simplicity, size, and intriguing choice of stone inlay.

These are extremely handsome; the asymmetrical design, straighter on one side than the other, follows the natural shape of the ear, making these wonderfully flattering to wear.

A group of chiseled lines runs horizontally across the top third of each earring, just enough to catch your eye. These might symbolize water, that most treasured blessing in the high desert.

The raised horizontal bar is inlaid with coral, jet, and turquoise, beautifully designed to showcase the coral while featuring the turquoise tastefully.

The design below the inlaid stones seems to be abstract, with no specific meaning, though one can see the inclusion of what looks like kiva steps.

These earrings will stand out as part of any outfit, especially with the pop of color from the coral, and remember, clips can be converted to posts easily, so let us know if you prefer posts.

Beautifully made, with good looks, good design, and budget-priced – what’s not to love?!

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Coral, Jet, Sterling Silver, Turquoise