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Abstract Lemon Calcite Sculpture


Abstract, lemon calcite sculpture on black granite base. Tapered from broad at top, and textured, to point at bottom.

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This multi-talented musician, jeweler, and glass artist started his award-winning career as a sculptor, and this is one of his latest works. Lemon calcite forms a tapered form, textured on top, with a black granite base.

The marvelous, natural markings in the stone result in a variety of amber-toned hues, with the material’s magical, translucent quality.  The top is textured, and kept in a natural, chiseled state. The gorgeous polish to the rest of the piece is irresistible; you just have to caress it. Glowing depths to the calcite, contrasted with the dense black base and the white textured top, creates a compelling sculpture.

So what does it represent? That is in the eye of the beholder, says the artist. Mountain top? Ice cream cone ( just a joke)? Or simply, a piece that is both tactile, and visually resplendent. A beautiful cocktail of contrasting textures and glorious, seemingly illuminated color, by a master of many mediums.


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Granite, Lemon Calcite


7 7'8" high x6 1/2" wide


Base: 4 3/4" wide x 4 7/8" deep