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Abstract Inlaid Dancer


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Ophelia Garcia is the wife of famed painter and jeweler, Ted Draper, Jr. They collaborated on this striking pin/pendant, and signed it jointly.

This abstract dancer figure is full of motion, and recognizable, despite the lack of realism.

The magnesite “head” is crowned with a stamped, silver, feather headdress.

Silver hands, feet and earrings are also indicated, in simplified form.

With beautiful natural turquoise, mother of pearl, lapis, red coral, green malachite, mossy chrysoprase, and other stones, the palette is beautifully varied.

Colors both warm and cool, bright and muted, are arranged in shapes that suggest a kilt and sash, a shawl, a ruff around the neck, as well as a long foxtail.

The shapes, placements, and hues of the stones evoke the sense of a dancer, poised in mid-step.

Striking and unusual, this dancer is a real attention-getter.

This will embellish everything you will wear.

Pin it on a lapel, hat, etc., or hang it around the neck – dramatically beautiful, every way.


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Lapis, Sugilite, Chrysoprase, Inlaid Natural Red Coral, Inlaid Natural Turquoise, Malachite, Mother of Pearl, Natural Boulder Opal, Natural Jet, Natural Variscite, Sterling Silver


Pendant is 3 1/2" long x 1" wide