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Abstract Hano Mana Kachina


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Although he is noted for his exquisitely realistic and detailed kachinas, this masterful artist also creates minimalist abstractions that are both lovely, and absolutely authentic. This willowy Hano Mana is one.

Hano Mana is also called Tewa Girl, and appears in the pre-planting season Bean Dance. As such, she represents the hope and wish for a good harvest, enough to eat over the next winter, and a good luck symbol. A cradle version is often given to infants as their first, or second, gift. Here, the carver has used the narrow, slightly curving form of the dead cottonwood root branch to create a tall, slender, very minimal, but elegant, version of the Hano Mana. The stripes on her robe emphasize the sinuous form, wrapping around in an asymmetric design. Long flowing hair is the only other element, but the very simplicity gives this carving an abstract grace that is other-worldly.

Wood, Pigment

Width: 1 1/2″ Height: 9 1/8″ Depth: 1 1/2″