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Silver Circles Flower Pendant


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One of the most creative jewelry artists lives in the Monument Valley area of the Navajo lands and helps his mother herd her sheep, when not helping film crews in the area.

Roland’s name is a synonym for incredibly exacting workmanship and imaginative style. Whether it is one of his famous Film Strip pendants or something that appears more simple, such as this pendant which resembles a flower, his craftsmanship and precision are top-notch.

What makes his work even more impressive is the fact that Roland uses no electricity when he creates his jewelry (save the music coming from his headphones and the lightbulb overhead.)

Here, each perfect circle has been lovingly stamped into the silver, each tiny dot hammered with the utmost attention to detail.  And, as always in Roland’s work, there is a slight imperfection, a missing dot, representing that nothing in life is ever truly perfect.

A sweet and simple pendant made by a master of the trade, this flower will be in bloom all year long!

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Sterling Silver


1 7/8"


1 1/4"