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Abstract Feather Buckle with Turquoise


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Here is a new version of the swirling feather pattern favored by this mega-gifted jeweler from Isleta Pueblo.

Feathers, especially eagle feathers, carry hopes and prayers up to the heavens since birds fly so high – especially eagles.

These abstract feathers are flawlessly cut out and overlaid on a darkened and textured base of silver.

The pattern covers the piece entirely, with cut out edges, so the whole buckle looks like a burst of feathers, frozen into silver.

The design features individual feathers facing different directions, and somewhat on the diagonal, adding to the impression of animated movement.

In the center, a handsome, natural Blue Mountain turquoise is set high, surrounded by a rope-cut border and a cut-out silver frame.

With its smooth surface and dark teal hue, it is a lovely counterpoint to the mirror-bright, angular forms of the silver.

The serene center stone, with its restful oval form, grounds the dynamic effect of feathers flying in a rushing wind.

Scrupulously fabricated by hand; even the working bits on the back, also in heavy-gauge silver, are hand made. It will fit a 3/4-inch wide belt.

This buckle has a dramatic, sophisticated and graphic pattern that is suitable for both men and women, for tailored wear, as well as more casual occasions.

Top-quality materials, skill, and artistry are exuberantly evident in the design and its implementation.

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Natural Blue Mountain Turquoise, Sterling Silver


3 1/8" W x 2" H | Stone is 1/2" L x 3/8" W