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Abstract Feather and Coral Bolo


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One of the few, but prodigiously gifted jewelers from Isleta Pueblo, Vernon likes variations of this energetic design, which looks like a burst of abstract feathers, and part of the sun, at the top right.

Feathers represent prayers and hopes, sent up to the heavens. The sun, of course, is up in the sky, and sheds its light and warmth on the earth.

Flawlessly cut out of a heavy gauge of silver, the design features varied widths and lengths of the individual feathers, adding to the impression of turbulent movement.

A gorgeous, natural, deep red, coral branch is like an island of calm, in the midst of all the energetic motion.

the organic shape is supported by a plain silver bezel, and two narrow borders, one chiseled like a rope, and the outer one flat.

The flat, polished silver border is connected to the overlaid silver feather design.

Below the coral, aa lightning sign is subtly integrated, dividing the feather designs to the left and right.

The coral, from the sea, represents water, as implied by the lightning, as well.

At the same time, its fiery hue suggests the warmth of the sun. So, both water and sun are in balance; crops will thrive and people will, too.

Beautifully adapted to the irregular shape of the coral, the silver is cut out on one side, around each stylized feather, so there is a repetition of the organic curvaceousness.

The graceful agitation of the design is calmed by the smooth simplicity of the coral.

Similarly, the tips are plain, serene cylinders that complement and complete the bolo, without any distraction.

Clean and precise, the gleaming silver work is a series of curves and tapered points that comprise an unusual, and very handsome, design.

The base silver is subtly textured, but left in its natural, light color.

The energetic, overlaid design is brilliantly polished, but the contrast with the textured base is softer than if it were dark.

A creative, distinctive design, joined to excellent fabrication – prepare for admiring attention, when you wear this.

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Hand-Braided Leather, Natural Red Branch Coral, Sterling Silver


3 1/8" L x 2" W | Cord is 48" L