Abstract Eagle Sculpture

Adrian Wall


Powerful, large, abstract eagle sculpture. Grey granite and wooden base. Detailed head in profile; swooping curve to indicate wings and movement..


A leading light in Native sculpture, this mega-gifted man is also a highly reputed musician, jeweler and glass artist.

This commanding sculpture of an eagle, the Ruler of the Skies, is a majestic abstraction that is as beautiful as it is imposing.

One solid slab of handsomely grained marble has been carved into an abstraction of an eagle. Despite the grace of the curving form, it incorporates all the power and strength of this revered raptor.

The eagle is seen in profile, with a carved-out, open beak and predatory look that conveys authority and ferocity.

Behind the face, the neck is carved, and left unpolished, to represent the characteristic white feathers of an eagle’s head.

This area is deeply carved into parallel lines, which reinforce the illusion of flight. This carved and textured light area is a vivid contrast to the smoothly polished, dark grey stone of the rest of the piece.

On one side, the powerful neck below is carved into the marble, so the illusion of a wing is created. On the other, a flat plane of polished marble curves seamlessly around, from the neck.

Polished to an satin smoothness and luster, the variations in the marble suggests the color and markings of the real bird.

The form swoops down and around, from the open beak to the bottom, in a beautiful curve that ends in a straight edged, wing-like form.

The whole piece is a tribute to the stately power and grace of the eagle, as it soars and swoops through the sky.

Imperious, authoritative, majestic, stately, and graceful, too, this is a beautiful evocation of this iconic bird.

A fine example of abstraction, where less is truly more, from the talented hands and artistic eye of this award-winning sculptor.

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