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Abstract Contemporary Pendant


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A young artist, related to the well-known Peina family of Zuni jewelers, Abe favors contemporary designs.

This pendant is striking in its design, and meticulous in its execution, featuring a complex interplay among curved and angular elements.

The triangle shows at the top, in the lower center, and in the bottom pendant. As well, the silver wire that runs diagonally across the center rectangle, forms subtle triangular shapes.

Counterbalancing these, are circular forms, from the top itself, to the curls and circles on the center.

Little circles of bright blue turquoise, lapis, and light green, on the back of the bail, add shots of color. The pendant of green art glass provides a rich, anchoring hue.

Notice how the bail itself is a separate work of art! Where only you will see it, it is designed to match the front of the pendant, even to the tiny spark of bright green.

A fine piece of silver work, married to a fine design, by an up-and-coming jeweler. Catch this star on the way up!


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Lapis, Art Glass, Rhodocroscite, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


3" L x 3/4" W