Abstract Coiled Ring


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Vernon Begaye is considered to be one of the leading contemporary jewelers.

“Vernon Begaye is a Navajo jeweler whose individual vision sets him apart from tradition while retaining the cultural origins that inspired his talent”, to quote an expert’s opinion.

He creates distinctive, contemporary jewelry designs, using materials and symbols associated with tradition, and the result has been innumerable awards.

Aside from his father, Jimmy Begaye, and siblings – among whom is the celebrated Marco Begaye – he had a close working association with Raymond and Lee Yazzie, who are considered masters, as well.

Linked with his innate talent, mentors of this caliber almost guarantee exceptional work.

And this is no exception – Everything about this amazing ring is different!

From the one-piece, three-layered, coiled shank (that fits quite comfortably!), to the design work (three-dimensional appliqued pieces, stamping, and hand-hammered textures) that connect each layer of the shank, to the partially-castellated designer bezel and the Natural Royston Turquoise statement stone, this ring is unlike anything we’ve ever seen!

Vernon’s work never stays with us for very long, but we are always happy to have enjoyed each piece before it finds it’s forever home!


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