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Abstract Buckle


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The youngest of celebrated jeweler/educator Connnie Tsosie Gaussoin, Wayne Nez continues his family’s extraordinarily gifted ways.

His award-winning work is already in permanent museum collections, as well as avidly collected. His artistic interests include music, photography and fashion, as well as jewelry.

This graphic buckle handsomely demonstrates his preferred mix of Native materials and techniques, with contemporary flair.

The sterling silver has been rolled over heavily textured material, producing a tiny, all-over pattern. It has been somewhat darkened, too.

Slashing across the slightly curved surface, is a dramatic, abstract design, achieved by, literally, painting the silver with the darkening acid.

Looking very closely, with the light just right, a hidden design motif appears: etched into the surface is what seems to be a simplified outline of an eagle’s head, with beak and eye clearly defined.

The forceful, dynamic painted design is, perhaps, an abstract version of the strength and power of the eagle – an example of the acclaimed artist’s blend of Native and avant-garde elements.

A fascinating buckle that is entirely hand wrought, including the working parts on the back.

This is the best of Native jewelry in the 21st-century, pushing boundaries with one foot grounded in tradition.

A famous family; a fabulous buckle for the adventurous.

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Sterling Silver


3 1/8" W x 2" H